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bio10 anti-dark spots serum is Bella Aurora’s most effective product for combination-oily skins. It aids skin to combat melanin and lipofuscin dark spots with the highest concentration of depigmenting components. It reduces and eliminates the existing dark spots and helps to prevent the appearance of new ones.

It treats melanin and lipofuscin dark spots and redness and post-inflammatory marks.

Moisturising and anti-ageing it prevents the loss of skin elasticity and firmness.

A lightweight and ultra-soft texture, this oil-regulating product melts into the skin in seconds, leaving it looking matt and shine free.

Application and recommendation

Who do we recommend this product for?
Dry skin and people worried about the dark spots, melasmas and chloasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Treatment requires at least 10 weeks (visible results from the 6th week).

Apply a small amount on clean skin morning and evening gently massaging until completely absorbed. If more intense hydration is required, then apply a moisturizer. For perfect results, is important to use a high protection sunscreen and exfoliate the face once or twice a week.



Biobenefity™ Acts directly on cell DNA, to control melanocytes and keratinocytes and prevent ageing. Reduces the size and number of pores and brightens the complexion. (Artichoke leaf extract)
Liposomal watercress extract and soy isoflavones Melanocyte-keratinocyte signalling inhibitor. Lightens lipofuscin marks. Antioxidant, reduces inflammation and improves collagen.
Microencapsulated Vitamin C Depigmenting effect, by transforming oxidised melanin into colourless compounds. Brightens skin and has an antioxidant effect.
Mitracarpus and Bearberry extract Inhibits tyrosinase activity
Lactic proteins Controls melanocyte activity for an even skin tone, reducing inflammation and protecting the skin.
Calcium pantetheine sulfonate Reviving and depigmenting. Natural UVB Shield.
24-hour moisturiser complex Moisturises and protects the skin.
Vitamin E Antioxidant.
Betaine Long-lasting moisturising effect. Reduces irritation and inflammation. Anti-wrinkle.
Natural mica pigment Improves skin tone, camouflaging blemishes. The pearlescent blue colour counteracts a sallow skin tone and brightens the complexion.
Silicon sphere of natural origin Absorbs excess sebum, leaving skin feeling dry and velvety.
Results and efficacy

Up to 91% of improvement in skin pigmentation.

*In vivo subjective study on 19 subjects with a melasma in the face after 42 days using BIO 10 twice a day.


79% of the volunteers…

  • Like BIO 10 anti-dark spots shock treatment
  • Affirm that their spots are lighter after 6 weeks of use.
  • Declare that the product has even their skin tone after 6 weeks of use
* In vivo subjective study on 19 subjects with a melasma in the face after 42 days using BIO 10 twice a day.

Does bio10 take my skin’s tan?
bio10 acts only on the dark spot. Apply it all over your face to avoid creating new spots and treat those that are not visible yet. Moreover, apart from attacking the dark spots it also gives extra benefits to our skin with inriching ingredients so it can be used as a daily cream.

¿When using bio10 do I need an extra moisturizer?
If your skin is mixed or oily, bio10 is the ideal treatment for spots. It contains ingredients that are depigmentatingand moisturizing. Therefore, you will only need to protect your skin with a high SPF sunscreen. Bio10 it is designed to adapt to each skin type, and it adapts to your needs.

Why doesn’t bio10 anti-dark spots serum for oily skins contain SPF?

In order to get a matt and oily free effect, perfect for these kind of skins, it is better not to include SPF in the treatment cosmetic since it is an ingredient that it is composed mostly of oil.
After applying bio10 Serum anti-dark spots for combination- oily skin, we always recommend the Sunscreen SPF50+ to protect the skin from the sun aggressions and to avoid the excess production of melanin.

Can I use it if I don’t have dark spots?
Yes. You can use it without any problem, it helps unify the skin tone and prevents the appearance of new dark spots. It also improve the effects on the dry skin or combination-oily skin.

Are the new bio10 more effective than the previous one?
The two products (new and old) are equally effective. Its high despigmenting power combates lipofuscin and melanin spots, with the highest concentration of certain assets. It removes existing dark spots and prevents new ones from appearing.

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