Perfect tone

illuminating serum and even skin tone

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Perfect tone is an illuminating serum that acts intensively over the 3 chromophores (responsible for color) visible on the skin: melanin, hemoglobin and collagen, improving the evenness and brightness of fatigued skin, while reducing dark spots and redness.

With cellular technology that acts directly on the DNA of cells to treat blemishes at their source, even those that are not yet visible.
Formulated without oils and a sebum-regulating active ingredient that reduces enlarged pores, and keeps skin hydrated with maximum comfort for over 24 hours.
It contains a component with a potent inhibitory effect of any possible allergic reactions therefore it is considered an effective anti-imperfection product even for the most sensitive skin.

Application and recommendation

Who do you recommend it for?

Worried about the dullness, redness, large pores, marks or blemishes of
your skin. You need to provide an extra to the usual treatment you use
on your skin.

For the first 12 weeks enhance implementation, using the serum twice per
day, morning and night. After this period, you can switch to using once per
day, preferably at night, always before applying the usual treatment.

Remember to support your treatment with Fluid Sunscreen SPF 50+
and Clarifying Scrub Gel.



Vitamin C microencapsuled Depigments, matches the tone and brightens and protects the skin against the effects of free radicals.
Polysaccharide, from biotechnological origin Provides immediate and long lasting hydration.
Curcumin Antioxidant with DNA repair effect.
Diacetyl boldine Tyrosinase acts on diminishing hyperpigmentation
and therfore illuminates.
Chromocare Acts as antioxidant and depigmentation of 3
visible chromophores: melanin, hemoglobin, and
Biobenefity Acts directly on the DNA of cells to treat hyperpigmentation in it´s origin and reduces the size and number of pores.
Sodium phytate Especially for post-inflammatory wounds, while improving hydration, sebum control, elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

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