b7 dry skin

daily anti-ageing anti-dark spot care

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B7 depigmentation treatment, lightens dark spots and prevents future marks from appearing, evens skin tone, gives a healthy glow and intense hydration.

Regenerating and repairing the skin. Reduces wrinkles and expression lines.

Sunscreens SPF15.

Application and recommendation

Who do we recommend this treatment for?
People worried about dark spots on their skin and that wish to:

  • Continue with the treatment and prevention after seeing the results from BIO 10.
  • Depigment evens the skin tone and provides extra care.
  • Care for the skin while preventing dark spots.

Apply all over the face, morning and night, performing a gentle massage
until completely the product is completely absorbed. It can be applied as a
moisturizer for everyday use and it is ideal for treating dark spots and other
signs of aging.

Remember to support your treatment with Fluid Sunscreen SPF50 + and Clarifying Scrub Gel.



Chromabright® Depigmenting and prevention of photoageing.
Lactic proteins Controls melanocyte activity for an even skin tone, reducing inflammation and protecting the skin
Calcium pantetheine sulfonate Reviving and depigmenting.
Hexapeptide-8 Reduces expression lines.
Combination of essential peptides Anti-wrinkle and anti-skin ageing.
Hyaluronic acid Moisturises and plumps the skin, reducing wrinkle depth.
Chondrus crispus Moisturises.
Combination of hydrolysed vegetable proteins and essential amino acids Restores firmness and moisturises.


My dark spot treatment consists of BIO10, B7 and Suncreen SPF50 +. When do I apply each product?
The Bio10 Shock treatment is applied to the entire face and it is the most important product. The morning after after using Bio10, it’s time to apply a small amount of Sunscreen SPF50 + to protect the skin from most important danger for the skin, the sun.
At night B7, we are able to take care of the skin and enhance the anti-dark spots treatment.

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