bella night-time action treatment

repair and anti-dark spots treatment

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Repair and anti-dark spots treatment while you sleep. This refreshing, soft, non-oily balm forms an ultra-light film on your skin so active ingredients can penetrate and work throughout the night on 4 different levels:
· 8h illumination: more luminous skin and anti-dark spots treatment.
· 8h regeneration: reverses the signs of ageing, fatigue and activates CLOCK genes. Over time, the skin’s circadian clock becomes disrupted, cells start to age and accumulate damage in their DNA and with this come the signs of ageing. Bella contains an innovative tetrapeptide that activates CLOCK genes (”Circadian Locomotor Output Cycles Kaput”) whose role is to adjust the circadian clock of cells and provide them with the energy they need to recover the natural nocturnal cell regeneration process.
· 8h detoxification: protects against daily external aggressions from toxic pollutants (gas, smoke, cigarettes, heavy metals, etc.) and UV rays, so you wake up with relaxed and renewed skin.
· 8h intense repair: reduces wrinkles and expression lines, improves skin elasticity and tone. Intense, long-lasting hydration.
Soothes, reduces irritation and repairs the skin barrier.

Application and recommendation

Who is it recommended for?
Women 40 years of age or older who show the first signs of ageing and would like to repair damage accumulated over time.
Apply at night to your entire face. Lightly massage until complete absorption.



Extract of Mount Jiri Peony Flower (South Korea) Depigmenting, tyrosinase inhibitor.
Anti-oxidant and anti-ageing.
Pomegranate stem cells Depigmenting, inhibits melanin formation.
Antioxidant and brightening.
Combination of matrikines Antiageing, they improve skin elasticity and tone.
Wakame extract Japanese seaweed with regenerating and stimulating properties.
Pronalen Bio-Protect™A mixture of ginseng, wheat, barley, apple and peach Combination of natural extracts that protect from external damage caused by toxic contaminants in the environment (heavy metals, gases, cigarette smoke) and UV radiation.
Tetrapeptide-26 As time passes, the circadian clock of the skin is disadjusted, the cells age and accumulate damage to their DNA, the signs of age appear. With an innovative tetrapeptide that activates the clock genes (“Circadian Locomotive Output Cycles Kaput”) whose mission is to re-adjust the circadian clock of the cells and provide them with the energy needed to recover the process of natural nocturnal cellular regeneration.


Results and efficacy

Wake up with bright, relaxed and renewed skin.
With Bella, your skin will be*:
100% more hydrated
100% brighter
100% more comfortable

* Results from a 6-week test carried out by a private laboratory on 20 women aged between 35 and 55 with facial dark spots.


Thanks to its dual texture that is both refreshing and creamy, you can apply a greater amount to cover your skin and let it work as a film-mask throughout the night.

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