anti-dark spots scrub gel

enzymatic peeling

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Clarifying scrub gel cleanse skin thoroughly and gently removing impurities and dead cells. This accelerates the removal of dark spots and brightens the complexion thanks to the action of enzymes of biotechnological origin.
It also stimulates cell renewal while preventing skin from aging.

Bella Aurora´s exfoliating gel treatment accelerates depigmentation efficiently to act in two complementary ways. Creating a scrub chemical with the same action as an enzyme which dissolves flakey corneous cells, and physically exfoliating. Thanks to mircroparticles, polyethylene takes off flaky, dead skin in order to give way to new cells.

Application and recommendation

Apply once or twice per week to the face, avoiding the area around eyes.
Perform a gentle massage concentrating on the areas with imperfections.
Leave for five minutes as a cosmetic mask, after which time, remove with warm water.

The perfect complement to any anti dark spots treatment.


Polylactic acid Biodegradable particles that do not irritate the skin for physical exfoliation.
Jojoba oil Biodegradable spheres, which inhibit tyrosinase. Anti-oxidant and anti-ageing.
Enzyme of biotechnological origin An enzymatic exfoliant that eliminates dead skin cells to soften the surface and encourage cell renewal.

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