splendor oil serum

double anti-ageing efficacy

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Serum treatment with healing and anti-ageing properties in an oil with the lightness of a serum. A combination of an innovative two-phase texture that provides the skin with the nutrients it needs to restore the protective barrier and prevent premature skin ageing.

With healing, restorative effects on the hydrolytic layer, for stronger, more resistant skin. Its anti-ageing effect stimulates collagen production to soften wrinkles and expression lines.

Application and recommendation

How to use

Cleanse, then apply a small amount to the face, neck and décolletage, massaging in gently until fully absorbed.

Red ginseng extract Anti-ageing effect. Protects and boosts the immune system, protecting the skin from external and internal factors that damage the skin. It boosts cell repair, reducing wrinkles and expression lines and increasing collagen production and hydration.
Fermented camelia oil Reparative effect. It provides hydration, elasticity and softness. Stimulates collagen synthesis and prevents the appearance of expression lines. Prevents transdermal water loss.

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