B7 dark-spot antiageing. Normal-dry skin

Daily cream for normal-dry skins containing the latest ingredients that treat dark spots from within.
• Removes excess pigment, clarifies dark spots and unifies the skin tone, for a brighter appearance. Prevents the appearance of new dark spots.
• Deeply moisturises the skin, relieving tightness for a comfortable feeling.
• Reduces the signs of ageing, improving wrinkles and expression lines, preventing sagging and encouraging skin regeneration. SPF15 UVA + UVB Protection.
Dermatologically tested.

Ideal for

Transforms dry skin, keeping it young and glowing without dark spots.↵The perfect follow-on treatment for bio10, or to prevent and lighten dark spots.


Apply sparingly to the face, neck and décolletage to perfectly cleansed skin or after serum, massaging in gently until completely absorbed.

Sensory Chart


Cotton white.


Rich and enveloping with a velvety texture.


Fragrance with a fresh note of white flowers with a sweet herbaceous, aqueous base.



Prevents the appearance of dark spots by inhibiting tyrosine and preventing photoageing.


Anti-wrinkle effect that improves lines of expression.

Hyaluronic acid

Anti-wrinkle properties that fill and plump the skin. Leaves skin firmer and more compact.

* Tener en cuenta que las fórmulas pueden cambiar o variar. Para conocer la lista de ingredientes actualizada, por favor consultar el pack o envase del producto.

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