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Not at all! This protein was named many years ago when it was thought to interfere with the progression of malign melanoma. We now know this to be false, but it is still called MIA protein. MIA protein blocking have nothing to do with the development of malignant melanoma.

White patches

We recommend you use the cosmetic treatment for at least six months. Once the repigmentation starts, we recommend you keep using it until the affected area is completely repigmented. For large patches, this may take several months.

Generally, the results become noticeable after 2- 3 months of use. However, some patients see a difference after the first month, and very occasionally, after up to 6 months of consistent use.

The cosmetic treatment can be used continuously for weeks and even months without problems. The purpose of using Repigment is to obtain the desired results, and how long it takes depends on the size and location of the white patches. There is no time limit.

Once the white patches are a normal colour again, you can stop applying the cream to the area. In any case, because the cosmetic treatment has a preventive effect, we suggest your use it occasionally (once a week) on areas affected by friction (hands, elbows, etc.).

The Repigment cosmetic treatment has mechanism of action that was only discovered a decade ago. In our trials, many patients who had not responded to conventional treatments achieved great results with Repigment12 cream.

No. There are no skin or health conditions incompatible with its use. Repigment is not recommended during pregnancy or breast feeding because we have not researched its effects under these specific circumstances.

Yes, you can apply it around your eyes and to sensitive skin.

Treatment with Repigment is highly effective, but we cannot promise that your white patches will disappear. Like all cosmetic treatments, outcomes depend on numerous factors (patient lifestyle, treatment areas, etc). In any case, we will never stop working to make our cosmetic  treatment more effective.

Generally speaking, once the skin is repigmented, it is highly unlikely that white patches will develop again in the same area. Unfortunately, the condition may reappear in treated and untreated areas for reasons related to personal stress, friction of serious skin injuries. In this case, we suggest you resume the cosmetic treatment in these areas immediately.

We recommend you use the Bella Aurora Repigment cosmetic treatment consistently for at least six months, which is when you will start seeing the results. It can take several months for your skin to be completely repigmented. However, if you have followed our recommendations and have not seen any improvement, your white patches may have another cause than the one treated. 

Albinism is a genetic disorder characterised by a total absence of melanocytes (cells that synthesise melanin, the colour of the skin) in the eyes, skin and hair. Bella Aurora cannot correct albinism, because there must be melanocytes present achieve the genetic skin tone (the skin’s own natural colour) to be able to repigment the area, and there are no melanocytes in albino skin.

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