Does your skin suffer in the cold? Check out these seven tips!

Scarf, gloves, hat… When the temperatures plummet, we protect ourselves by piling on layers of clothing. But, what do you do to protect your skin from the cold? Our skin is very sensitive to changes in temperature, and cold temperatures can cause redness, irritation, dullness, dehydration, dryness and flaking. Relieve these symptoms and care for your skin in winter by following these seven tips!

  1. Avoid sudden temperature changes!The wind and cold affect cell DNA and the skin barrier becomes more fragile. We know that cold weakens the skin but counteracting low temperatures with excessive heat can be even more harmful. That’s why you should avoid sudden temperature changes (and super-hot showers) to prevent redness and dehydration.
  2. Drink plenty of water!Hydration is important both inside and out. Our bodies need fluids both in winter and summer. If you find it hard to drink a litre and a half of water a day, you can replace part of this daily amount with warm drinks like infusions, tea and broth.
  3. Hydration! Perfect skin hydration is essential to healthy-looking, glowing skin. New Splendor serum in oil works from within, keeping moisture in the skin and coating the outermost layer with a protective layer against external agents. It also provides skin with essential nutrients to restore correct balance in the hydrolipid mantle, prevents premature skin ageing and provides deep nourishment.
  4. If you have sensitive skin…we recommend you use bio10 shock treatment for sensitive skin!. It is specifically formulated for very delicate skin, treating dark spots and controlling inflammation, treating redness for an even skin tone while giving an immediate, long-lasting feeling of well-being.
  5. Take care of areas with delicate skin!Even if you wear gloves, your hands are constantly exposed to harmful low temperatures, compromising the skin’s barrier function. Don’t forget to moisturise to prevent dryness and cracking! Remember to pay special attention to the most delicate areas, such as the eye contour, using specific treatments for the area.
  6. Cleanse, tone and moisturiseWe can’t say it too often, facial cleansing is an essential step in any beauty routine. As well as cleansing and purifying the face, it prepares the skin to better absorb your usual treatment. The new cleansing range by Bella Aurora, formulated with a high percentage of natural ingredients, contains anti-dark-spot substances for a more even, lighter skin tone; anti-pollution substances to protect the skin from urban pollution and detoxifying ingredients to remove the toxins that build up in the skin. You’ll love it!
  7. Remember to use sunscreen 365 days of the year! Sunlight, which reaches and damages the skin on even cloudy days, has a cumulative effect on the skin, causing premature skin ageing and hyperpigmentation. It’s a must in your make-up bag all year round!

Make these tips part of your winter beauty ritual and don’t leave your skin to suffer in the cold!