hydrating eye cream

Anti-dark circles and anti-fatigue

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Eye area cream for dark circles and fatigue. Its combination of active ingredients provides the most fragile area of the face with deep hydration, reducing undereye puffiness and dark circles and firming droopy eyelids for youthful, sparkling eyes.

Application and recommendation

Ideal for…

Ideal for treating specific problems in the eye area, rictus and lips.

How to use

Pat into the eye area, just above the bone, with the ring finger (the weakest finger). When it penetrates, the product spreads to treat a wider area until fully absorbed. You can also use lissage massage in areas with visible expression lines and around the lips and rictus. Then apply your usual treatment to the entire face.

Extract of Indian galangal leaves. Boosts high molecular weight hyaluronic acid synthesis in skin cells, adding volume and reducing wrinkles.
Combination of Extract of Albizia Julibrisin (Persian silk tree) and Siegesbeckia orientalis extract Protects and strengthens the properties of the dermis, softening expression lines. Strengthens the microvascular network and stimulates the toxin elimination system to reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles. Helps to lift droopy upper eyelids.
Extract of Jiri mountain Peony flower (South Korea) Depigmenting, tyrosinase inhibitor.
Antioxidant and anti-ageing.
Results and efficacy
  • 90% wrinkles appear reduced
  • 97% firmer
  • 90% younger-looking skin

*Results of a user test with a sample of 30 women for 30 days with two daily applications.

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