bio10 forte. Intensive treatment for dark spots. combination to oily skin

Intensive treatment for dark spots with exclusive B- CORE 221™ depigmenting technology. A targeted system takes the encapsulated ingredient straight to the melanin-producing cells where it is released for maximum efficacy. Specific sebum-control care for combination-oily skin with oil-free ingredients for a matt finish to balance the skin and shrink pores.
• Fast, efficient depigmentation within the melanocytes.
• Prevents the appearance of new dark spots by blocking melanin production.
• Antioxidant, neutralises free radicals and lightens existing dark spots
• Protects skin from environmental pollution and UV radiation, blocking the formation of new spots.

SPF 20 Protection from UVA + UVB + Infra-red (IR) + High-energy visible light (HEV)
Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested. Kind to the skin and to nature.

Ideal for

Combination-oily skin with dark spots caused by the sun, hormones and melasma, liver spots, post-inflammatory blemishes caused by dermatological treatments, blue light damage, environmental damage, acne blemishes and scars.


Apply sparingly to the face, neck and décolletage after cleansing, massaging in gently until fully absorbed.↵Treatment requires a minimum of 8 weeks (results visible from the 4th week).

Sensory Features


Cotton white.


Ultra light and silky.


Floral fragrance with green notes and a woody touch with a vanilla base.


B-CORE 221™ Smart delivery system

Carries active ingredients straight to the melanin-producing cells to release all its encapsulated ingredient for maximum dark spot efficacy. (highlight patented technology)

Extract of Enantia Chloranta

Controls sebum and gives skin a more uniform appearance.


Hydrating, prebiotic effects. Activates the vitamin D receptors.

*Bear in mind that the formulas may change or vary. For the updated list of ingredients, please consult the pack or container of the product.