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What is the skin like at 30?

The first wrinkles start to appear.
At this time of life we have to balance family and work, so the skin looks tired, less radiant, and dull. Collagen synthesis begins to slow down and the skin loses its firmness. The first expression lines appear.

The skin needs energy and moisturisation.

What is the skin like at 40?

Needs special attention.
At this time of life, women are more confident, do not have to prove anything to anyone, and have learned to combine their personal life with their work life. They know their own limitations and needs, and although they know exactly where they’re going, this does not mean that the battle is won.
The skin structure breaks down, and the skin begins to lose its firmness and tone. Chronic inflammation makes the skin more sensitive, ageing speeds up, and wrinkles settle in.
Melanin production is out of control and blemishes appear. The skin looks tired, lifeless, and uneven.

The skin needs moisturisation, immediate tightening effect, depigmenting, soothing effects, and sun protection.

What is the skin like at 50?

There are changes to the skin.
This decade is full of changes that require a period of adjustment. Women need to rediscover themselves.
Under the influence of hormonal changes and accumulated stress due to environmental factors, the skin’s metabolism slows down and the signs of ageing are multiplied. The skin is vulnerable, dries out, and sags due to gravity.

The skin needs to compensate for hormonal deficiencies and to erase the signs of ageing.

What is the skin like at 60?

We need to recover our beauty.
At this time of life you have more time for yourself and want to preserve your youth.
Many of the skin’s functions decrease and cell regeneration occurs more slowly. The skin loses its tone and vitality and becomes thinner.

The skin needs to regain its firmness and to repair collagen.