Aurora +60 Eye Contour Multi-action Day and Night

An antiageing treatment that boosts intercellular communication, rejuvenating and enhancing skin functioning. Contains cell repair complex based on orchid stem cells for an all-round rejuvenating effect and radiant skin.
•Improves firmness
•Softens wrinkles and expression lines
•Reduces under-eye puffiness and dark circles
This multi-action eye contour treatment contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and firming ingredients, helping to smooth the delicate layer of skin and plump it from within.
15 ml

Ideal for

Women aged around 60 whose main concerns are: Dull, sallow-looking skin. Loss of suppleness and firmness around the eyes. Deep wrinkles.


'Pat into the orbital area just above the bone. When the product penetrates, it spreads to treat a wider area until fully absorbed. Smoothing motions can also be used on noticeable expression lines and around the lips or rictus. Use the cold-effect applicator to boost the effects of the treatment. '


Beautifye. Combination of extract of Albizia Julibrisin (mimosa or s

Protects, fortifies and improves the properties of the dermis. Supports the delicate microvascular network and stimulates toxin elimination systems, reducing broken veins and the gl

Orchistem. Orchid stem cells

Contains orchid stem cells to activate communication between stem cells in adipose tissue and fibroblasts to trigger their rej

Glycine soya seed extract. Lysophospholipids.

Lysophospholipids have great affinity with the skin, increasing the bioavailability and penetration of other active ingredients. They are proven to ke

*Bear in mind that the formulas may change or vary. For the updated list of ingredients, please consult the pack or container of the product.