130 years of experience in the melanocyte’s behavior

Bella Aurora has been treating skin spots for 130 years. After many years of research, and since we established our own cell culture laboratory, we have specialized in studying the melanocyte and the cellular mechanisms involved in the melanin production process, the pigment that gives skin its colour.

Melanocytes are cells that are lying in the basal layer (the deepest) of the epidermis. These are the cells that produce melanin. Human beings have a similar proportion of melanocytes in the skin, and what determines our skin tone is the activity of our melanocytes: the more active the melanocytes, the darker the skin colour.

When the melanocytes function abnormally, dark spots or white patches appear on the skin. These changes can be caused by several factors, from environmental stress (like sunburn, for example) to internal causes (such as hormonal imbalances during periods like pregnancy).

Our work has always focused on finding ways to rebalance altered melanocytes (cellular homeostasis). That is why we have studied them in depth for many years to find the different causes of these alterations, and the most efficient and safest ways to correct those imbalances. As a result of our research, we have discovered an innovative, very exclusive, and efficient system that removes dark spots from the skin, for which we have obtained a worldwide patent (patent number WO2021052647A1).

For more than four years, Bella Aurora Labs has been pooling our knowledge of skin pigmentation mechanisms and the effects of the melanocytes with Dr. Matteo Bordignon's research into the causes of vitiligo. We launched a project together to develop a treatment for skin hypopigmentation. This collaboration, based on Dr. Matteo Bordignon’s new discoveries regarding the role of the MIA protein as the cause of the disappearance of melanocytes eventually led to the development of Repigmente12, the first cosmetic product capable of repigmenting white patches on the skin.

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