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Lorena's passion for handball had a bittersweet taste. Even so, this courageous woman has managed to instil in her children that self-confidence is the most important thing.

Lorena Garcia

When a story like this arrives in our mailbox, it is inevitable to want to know who is behind it, to put a face to it and give it a voice.

Lorena is 46 years old and lives in Vitoria where, in addition to her work, her hobby is teaching handball to 11-year-old children. This sport has always been her passion and she has instilled it in her children. However, when she played, there was something that prevented her from fully enjoying it. Her uniform revealed something she didn't want to show, the white patches of vitiligo on her arms and legs.

At the age of 10 she discovered her first spot on her face. Thus began a personal journey that was difficult to cope with when all around her there was a lack of knowledge. "Children looked at me funny, they thought it was a contagious fungus. I tried to explain it to them, but it didn't matter. Despite being an outgoing and cheerful child, vitiligo was the only thing they saw," explains Lorena.

"The first doctor I went to wanted to depigment me all over," she recalls. Lorena tells us that she could never wear a skirt, she always wore long trousers so as not to show her legs. And, although she blushes to confess it, she would love to be able to choose her outfit without thinking about how the fabric will cover her skin.

In July 2021, without much hope, Lorena started using Repigment and, after a few weeks, she saw how the skin on her face began to change. And so she has decided to send us her testimony and the photos that reveal a Before and After in her skin and in her life. Thank you, Lorena for sharing your testimony!

Francesca Cruschi

"We only have one colour too many", Francesca thinks to herself in front of the mirror. Getting this far has not been easy, but her strength, courage and perseverance have made it possible."

Francesca Cruschi
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"We only have one colour too many," Francesca thinks to herself as she looks in the mirror at this point in her life. It has not been easy to get this far, but her strength, courage and perseverance have made it possible for this Italian woman to smile now more than ever.

Francesca's story takes us back to her youth, when she was 18 years old. Due to a series of personal events, Francesca went through a very stressful time and, at that time, she discovered the first white spot on a finger. She knew what it was, there was a case of vitiligo in her family. However, she didn't give it any importance, perhaps because she knew that the spot would never go away. And so it did, over the years the white patches multiplied on his hands and face, and then vitiligo became too much a part of his life.

"I hated my skin. I didn't want people to look at my spots, so I started covering them up, hiding and even lying. I got to the point where I didn't go out during the day, and I invented idyllic holidays on the beach, when I didn't even dare to set foot on it," Francesca confesses emotionally.

After having tried a multitude of treatments, she decided to accept her skin. She believes that it was the passing of the years that allowed her to stop hiding, to accept her blemishes and to enjoy all the good things in her life.  

Many years later, she read about the discovery of Dr. Bordignon, who was studying a new treatment for white spots on the skin. She decided to give it a try and in May 2021 she started a new treatment: Repigment. "At that time I couldn't have imagined that after only 20 days I would start to see the first changes in my skin. She remembers that moment with emotion and describes it as "magical".  

When she tells us her story, 7 months have passed since she started the treatment and we find Francesca happy and enjoying her new skin.